Antoine Gonin (Paris, 1951) became passionate about photography, particularly advertising and industrial photography. His photographs have been mainly for French and European companies.

In 2000, he published Eloge de l’avenir (published by Delpire Editeur). A sort of grand, contemporary work at the dawn of the 3rd millennium, this black and white book dedicated to turn of the century, large-scale industrial works in France is testament to a fertile and creative era. It has given rise to around sixty exhibitions across the globe in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Horizons (Delpire Editeur) was published in 2008. This piece, an exhortation to discover a singular vision of our natural and architectural heritage, is the coming to fruition of eight years of individual work in black and white on the French landscape. It is the fruit of his patience, curiosity and attentive gaze.

His “Empreinte’ series marks the coming together of his landscape work. Free of any documentary-like intention, it lends itself freely to a hallmark of a much more personal nature, and is host to many abstract, graphical and poetic compositions which together reveal the mark that human activity has left on nature. Thus, his pictures are at once the imprint of how man has modified the landscape, and the singular nature of his regard.

Awards : Fondation François Schneider 2013  "Empreinte"